Kraft paper
Kraft paper is produced by the method of kraft process which converts wood into wood pulp. Paper formed through such process is usually brown (can also be bleached to produce white paper) and is coarse in texture. It is employed in the fabrication of paper bags, sacs, envelopes and other packaging materials.

We sell craft paper for you in best quality and service. Just contact us and send your specification. We serve you for long term Craft liner also called as Craft paper and floating media is been manufactured by us as rolls and aslo in specific sizes.
The company has diverted its product from Kraft Paper to virgin Kraft Paper from 22+ BF. To 28+ BF from 100 GSM TO 340 GSM. Virgin Kraft Paper is basically used for the purpose of Industrial packaging and is directly related to the pace of Industrial growth. Its demand is increasing day by day.

High elasticity and higher tear resistnce
Excellent glazed
Good insulation property
Designed for packaging products with high demand for strength and durabiliy
Also availabel in ribbed kraft and colour kraft
Special Orange ribbed shade
Also used in paper grocery, envelopes, bag making, corrugation boxes, consumer goods etc.
Available in sheet & roll form
Different colours available as per customer demands
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