Double A
Double A EVERYDAY’s high quality multi purpose paper ideal for your everyday work, copying printing with a smooth surface
Thermal Paper
With enhanced storability, anti-fading, resistance to heat and light, and high durability; developed images of “Thermax” are sustainable over an extended period.
Excellent performance due to the following characteristics, Moisture Control - Makes the sheets stay flat in the copier and enhances run ability. Low Dust
Carbonless Paper
Phoenix reacts to pressure applied by a ball-point pen or a printer. A single stroke of a ball-point pen permits clear copying on many sheets of forms.
The Best Team Brings Out The Best Results”
we consider our team members. They are the backbone and strength of the company and we proudly share the credit of our success with them.
A4 70gsm Copy Paper Rolls
Top quality A4 70gsm Copy Paper Roll. Smooth paper surface makes sharp printing and copying.
Photocopy Copy Printing Paper Roll
Top quality A4 70gsm Copy Paper Roll. Smooth paper surface makes sharp printing and copying.
Double A A4 Copy Paper (75GSM)
We are a trusted Exporter and Supplier of Double A A4 Copy Paper (75GSM) in Thailand. We accept both small and bulk orders and ensure timely delivery
As an Exporter and Supplier of Double A A4 Copy Paper (70 GSM) in Thailand, we have an impressive track record of serving small to big offices
Double A A4 Copy Paper (80GSM)
Paper One A4 Copy Paper (80GSM)
Computer printing paper
If you need Double A A4 Copy Paper (80GSM), you can place your order with us. We are a reputed Exporter and Supplier of Double A A4 Copy Paper (80GSM) in Thailand
Based in Thailand, we are a distinguished Exporter and Supplier of Paper One A4 Copy Paper (80 GSM). It is a fine quality white paper with smooth surface, which stays unwrinkled while fed into the copy-machine.
Computer printing paper is mainly used for banks, supermarkets, post offices and other report data documents, certificates and other spending. Our computer printing paper is the use of 100% wood pulp paper. Can provide single, two, three, four, five, six according to customer requirements, all white or colored paper.
1. All Properties Testing Climate 50% RH & 23°C (as per TAPPI T 402 sp-98). 2. All properties are according to International standards Measurements. 3. Tolerances are based upon 2 sigma level of random samples.
Optic Graphic Paper
Paperboard is (like paper) a 'vegetable-fibre web' formed from a water suspension. It is generally thick similar in shape and composition to paper, but generally thicker, stronger, and more rigid. Paperboard can be made into a wide variety of items, including folding cartons, advertising displays, electrical insulators, and coasters.
Copier Paper in jumbo rolls
We aspires to provide premium quality paper to its clients all across the world. Backed by state of the art manufacturing facility and a strong network , We are one of the largest agro based and soft wood pulp paper exporter.
Kraft paper
Kraft paper is produced by the method of kraft process which converts wood into wood pulp. Paper formed through such process is usually brown (can also be bleached to produce white paper) and is coarse in texture. It is employed in the fabrication of paper bags, sacs, envelopes and other packaging materials.
Wood free writing & printing paper/Off set paper
The wood free speciality papers are extensively used in the printing of books, trade directories, newsprint, diaries, calendar and computer stationery. The products are also used extensively in manufacturing of note books & other stationery items meant for exports as well as domestic sales.
Chamex Copy Paper For Sale 80 GSM/75 GSM/70 GSM
Chamex Copy Paper under the Thailand Corporation Advance Agro may consider to raise fund in Hong Kong.
Copy / Laser Paper A4 80GSM
According to the Annual Report of Advance Agro our Xerox copy paper, it was established in 1996
IK Plus Multi Purpose Copy Paper
We are IK Plus Multi Purpose Copy Paper Manufacturing Company in Thailand
Mondi Rotatrim copy paper 80/75/70 GSM High quality paper renowned for its excellent performance
Paperline Gold high quality printing paper
Premium quality, reliability, value for money, and wide availability - these are the
PaperOne Copy paper A4 80Gsm
Paper one Paper 80 gsm. A4 (210 X 297 mm.) Paper, Premium quality for your printing and copying
Xerox multipurpose Copy Paper A4 80GSM/ A4 75 GSM/ A4 70GSM
Xerox multipurpose Copy Paper is headquartered in Thailand with 18 international offices
Paperline Copy Paper’s global presence is another of its competitive advantages.
Paper Line
Double A A4 Copy Paper (70GSM)
Impact Newsprint Paper
Mondi Rotatrim Copy Paper
Paperline Copy Paper A4 80GSM
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